Maintenance Websites need to be maintained. Once they are launched it is important to make sure there are no broken links. Another thing that can happen is scripts may fail to work properly as new versions of browsers are released. It is important to keep the website up to date, not only with content but also with functionality. There is a great need to keep up with the changing world of technology. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process to ensure keywords, titles , descriptions and sitemaps are up to date.


Basic $150/year

Standard $250/year

Deluxe $500/year

Premier $1000/year

Enterprise $2000/year

Content Updates 20 minutes/month 30 minutes/month 60
150 minutes/month 300 minutes/month
Hosting dot dot dot dot dot
Domain Name dot dot dot dot dot
Analytics dot dot dot dot dot
Search Engine Optimization   dot dot dot dot
Simple CMS     dot dot dot
Manage Database     dot dot dot




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